The Juggling Six Family

Juggling Six
Juggling Six Family

Cutie- The littlest. Smiley and happy baby girl. Everyone loves her cheeks, they are so kissable.

Spud- 4 years old, spunky, sweet, rambunctious and loveable. Loves cars, animals, coloring, bikes, and being read to.

Cookie- 8 years old. Girly girl who loves dolls and dancing. Cartwheels, swings, monkey bars and coloring are her favorites.

Ray- 11 years old. If you can’t find her she’s off reading somewhere… also loves dancing, playing on the playground, riding bikes, bunnies, and cooking.

Bub- almost 13. Dedicated, perfectionist, jack of all talents. This kid can unicycle, juggle, play piano, do amazing things with paper, and loves his younger siblings.

Numero Uno- 14 years old. A big tease, loves computer programming and math, plays piano incredibly, is a roller coaster enthusiast.

Sunshine- teacher, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, party planner, holiday specialist, wife, home decorator, painter, craft project lover….. aka Mama.

Superman- business man, home improvement specialist, handyman, adventurer, fun-seeker, tickler, husband, hard worker…. aka Papa.

This is us- a big, happy, hardworking, homeschooling, traveling, creative, talented, fun-loving family. For privacy reasons we’ll use nicknames on this blog. From youngest to oldest we have Cutie, Spud, Cookie, Ray, Bub, Numero Uno, Sunshine (Mama) and Superman (Papa).

We’re challenging ourselves to be the best we can be: to develop talents and broaden our minds, to pursue passions and learn from mistakes, to cultivate good work ethic and a sense of adventure, and to have a lot of fun along the way. Our family motto is to work hard and play harder.
Join us as we document and share this thing called life and all of its ups, downs, and adventures… and all that juggling six kids means!