Native American Petroglyphs at McConkie Ranch, Vernal Utah


We went to see Native American Petroglyphs at McConkie Ranch near Vernal, Utah. On the Knobby Knee and Three Kings Trails, we saw the drawings of ancient Native Americans carved into the red sandstone. We got to see a wide variety of the petroglyphs, from suns, moons, and shields to full size ancient warriors.

The petroglyphs were amazing and showed Native American history. Near Dinosaur National Monument, the glyphs are attributed to the Fremont Native American tribe.

I put these two videos together with pictures I took while hiking the two trails, to show others just how cool these ancient Native American Petroglyphs really are!

Knobby Knee Trail
Three Kings Trail

The Three Kings Trail was definitely easier to hike with an option of not climbing at all. However we had no problem hiking with everyone right up to the cliffs for an up-close view of the rock art. We recommend bringing a pair of binoculars or a good zoom lens on your camera to get the best view of the Three Kings panel since it’s high up and in the distance.

Happy Hiking!

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