Pandemic Parody

This is a crazy time in the world isn’t it? With everything shut down, or maybe starting to open up again, it’s easy to get bogged down with feelings of uncertainty or even fear. So, we decided to do something fun to get our minds off of it all….

Ray had the idea to use Disney’s “I’ve Got a Dream” song from the movie Tangled to make a parody about the COVID-19 virus. She started changing the lyrics and then the whole family got involved. We sat around laughing together as we came up with new words that fit the music.

Superman voiced the song, although Spud was the one who memorized it first! Numero Uno, who has been learning Photoshop all school year, did an amazing job of putting masks and viruses on the photos – took the parody to a whole new level! And Superman finished off the video with perfectly timed clips.

It was a fun family project to create, and we hope you all enjoy this wild Pandemic Parody called “I’ve Got Something”

Smile, cringe, laugh, and share to spread some humor and lightheartedness while maintaining safe social distance.

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