Zoo Trip & Grizzly Bears

Active Grizzlies

Yesterday we took advantage of the spring sunshine and went to Utah Hogle Zoo for a few hours. Wow it felt so nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise. I think the animals were feeling the same way… they were all being so active, it was a blast to watch them all.

The Grizzly Bears were so playful- I’ve never even seen them awake before. We were lucky to catch them chasing each other around playing tag.

Numero Uno got a video of the three shaggy bears running around so we decided to give him a little lesson on video editing. We recently switched to using Corel VideoStudio to edit our videos and it’s a challenge to figure out all the new features and tricks. I need to take some time to watch the how-to videos… but for today we just played around with it until we liked the results. And of course every chase scene is made better when set to a classic Benny Hill theme song.

I’m just glad they weren’t chasing me!

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